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Sunfest FAQ

  • I need help with ticketing, who do I call?

    Please call Festival Ticketing customer service at 1-855-486-4776.
  • What are the Sunfest Hours of Operation?

    • Camping Load-In 11AM-9PM Tues-Sun
    • Box Office - Wed 12pm-9pm, Thurs-Sun 12pm-10pm
    • Concert Bowl Gates - Thurs 4pm-1am, Fri-Sun 12pm-1am
    • Reserved Seating 4pm-12am Thurs-Sun
    • Concert Bowl Pit Area - Thurs-Sun 4pm-12am
    • Backwoods Stage - Fri-Sun 12am-late
    • Flats Stage - Thurs From 3pm, Fri-Sun From 10am
    • VIP Lounge - 4pm-12am
    • Guest Services - Thurs-Sun 12pm-9pm
    • Showers/Ice - Thurs-Sun 8am-8pm
    • Camping Check-Out - Monday August 5th by 11am
  • What is the 'no re-entry after 8pm' policy?

    As a result of changes initiated by BC Liquor Control, our insurance provider, and supported by the RCMP and Sunfest Management, we have implemented a new policy for Sunfest: “no re-entry into the main festival bowl after 8pm”.

    The majority of our fans are responsible and know their limits with alcohol, but we have to be mindful of ALL Sunfest fans on-site. When guests leave the bowl in between sets and drink at their campsites, then re-enter the festival bowl, this poses a risk to all guests. Over intoxication of patrons is a safety issue for all.

    As well, fines and/or the loss of our liquor license would have a major impact on the entire festival and all our responsible fans. Guests returning to the bowl, along with new arrivals at the gate, also leads to excessive lineups and wait times that security and the RCMP must negotiate.

    The security checks required have changed for everyone’s safety, including our artists, and it takes time to do properly. Waiting at the gate and missing part of the show is not enjoyable for anyone.

    Our Insurance provider has also expressed concerns regarding these issues and the festival promoters cannot risk losing insurance for events. Laketown encourages all Sunfesters to plan accordingly and bring a sweater as well as any personal items you may need for the last 3 hours of the show. Please note this policy is common at most large venues and we are now being held to the same standard.

  • Do children 12 and under get in for free?

    Sunfest is a family friendly event and we provide FREE admission to the General Admission area for kids 12 and under with a paying adult. All you have to do is add the $0 item to your cart.

    Children 12 and under will require their own ticket in the Reserved Seating, Stage Pit and VIP areas. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

  • How much do showers cost?

    $5 per person.
  • Is there First Aid on site?

    Yes. Our Field Hospital is open 24-7 and provides medical services and harm reduction. First Aid is located behind the Flats Stage.

    Medical Services

    • Soft tissue/fracture assessment & management
    • Medication administration and prescription refill
    • Cardiac monitoring
    • Glucose monitoring
    • Asthma & allergies medications and management
    • Drug overdose intervention and monitoring
    • Arranging all ambulance calls on site

    Harm Reduction

    • Peer to peer outreach
    • Reconnections & information
    • Sexual health information & supplies
    • A safe place/sanctuary
    • On site mental health incident assessment & intervention
    • Substance use support information
  • Where is the Lost & Found?

    Head over to the Guest Services building, where our Lost & Found is located. We have great volunteers there who will do their best to reunite you with anything you’ve lost. Please secure your valuables throughout the weekend.

    Post event, items are held on-site until 5pm on Tuesday then transferred to the Wideglide Entertainment Ltd. office in Duncan. Please email for information.

  • How do I become a vendor?

    Please tell us about your business and your products by filling out a Vendor Application. Approved vendors will be chosen based on VIHA requirements, insurance compliance, menu offerings and many other factors. We limit the number of booths selling the same items so our patrons can have a variety of options.
  • How do I become a volunteer?

    We are looking for fun, friendly and hard-working Sunfest fans who want to work hard and play hard. Fill out our volunteer application.
  • How do I become an artist?

    Are you ready to play the Sunfest stage? Apply to be an artist.
  • How do I become an art installer?

    Are you an established or blossoming visual artist that wants to paint or build something amazing at Laketown Ranch? Apply to be an art installer.
  • Does Sunfest do charitable work?

    Giving back to the community is part of our mandate, and will continue to be a measure of our success. It is so important in fact, that we have an incorporated benevolent society. Our legacy of community alliance spans over a decade, supporting and leveraging tangible benefits to nearly 50 charities, non-profits, schools, community partners and causes.

    To learn more about the Laketown Ranch Benevolent Society, go to

  • Can I bring a chair or blanket?

    Reserved Seating and General Admission areas are where you can put your chair down. In the Reserved Seating area you can keep it there all weekend. Please remove it from the General Admission area at the end of each night. Chairs with umbrellas, awnings or footrests (including “zero gravity” chairs) should be left at home. Chairs are not permitted in the Stage Pit.
  • Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks on to the festival grounds?

    A small personal sized cooler for food is permitted. No outside liquids of any kind are permitted in the concert bowl or licensed areas. For the safety of police, security, and our guests, all bags and belongings are subject to search. Please feel free to bring a refillable drink container (no glass or metal) to use at our water filling station.
  • Can I use my credit or debit card to purchase food and merchandise?

    You can use your credit and debit cards at the ATM’s located throughout the site. Unfortunately vendors cannot take credit or debit cards.
  • Will I be able to use my cell phone on site?

    Yes. There is cell phone reception on site.
  • Is there a shuttle service available?

    Please Download the Laketown Ranch app for the most up to date shuttle details and schedules.

    Thursday Shuttle Schedule - Duncan to Laketown Ranch

    • Depart Island Savings Centre Duncan 14:00, 14:45, 15:30, 16:15, 17:00, 17:45, 18:30, 19:15, 20:00, 20:45, 21:30, 22:15, 23:00, 23:45, 0:30.

    • Departs Laketown Ranch: 14:45, 15:30, 16:15, 17:00, 17:45, 18:30, 19:15, 20:00, 20:45, 21:30, 22:15, 23:00, 23:45, 0:30, 1:00

    Friday-Sunday Shuttle Schedule - Duncan to Laketown Ranch

    • Departs Island Savings Centre Duncan 14:00, 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30, 22:00, 22:30, 23:00, 23:30, 0:00, 0:30

    • Departs Laketown Ranch 14:45, 15:15, 15:45, 16:15, 16:45, 17:15, 17:45, 18:15, 18:45, 19:15, 19:45, 20:15, 20:45, 21:15, 22:45, 23:15, 23:45, 0:15, 0:45, 1:15

    Shuttle Cost from Duncan to Laketown Ranch is $10 each way, or $15 round trip, and is payable at Laketown Ranch.

    Private Shuttles and Hotel PickUps:

    The local shuttle is running on a continuous loop from Laketown Ranch to the Riverside Inn in Lake Cowichan. Operation times are Thursday to Sunday from 11am-1am. The fee is $5 per trip and is payable upon boarding.

    Please note that traffic/road conditions may affect shuttle schedule.

  • Do you have day parking?

    Yes! And any vehicle arriving with 5 or more guests, all in seat belts, can park for free. The day parking rate is $15 per day for a standard-sized vehicle and is payable upon arrival in the lower parking lot.
  • What is the best time to arrive?

    Please see our Hours of Operation above. Camping load-in begins at exactly 11AM. Campers may not arrive at The Ranch prior to this time. There will be no stacking on-site as in previous years. Please plan accordingly. Treat entry into the concert bowl like an airport and give yourself lots of time to get through security. Our staff and volunteers will do their best to get you in as quickly as possible, but please give yourself 30 minutes to an hour of lead time.

    Due to RCMP and security insurance requirements, re-entry into the concert bowl will not be allowed after 8pm.

  • When should generators be turned off?

    Generators must be turned off between the hours of 12am – 8am.
  • Can I buy a single day ticket?

    Single day General Admission, Reserved Seating, Stage Pit and VIP tickets are available online and can be upgraded at anytime, based on availability. Please note single day ticket holders will not be allowed to enter the campgrounds unless a Camping Visitor Pass is purchased.
  • What are grounds for ejection?

    • Invalid, tampered with, fraudulent or absent wristband
    • Rowdy or disrespectful behaviour
    • Excessive noise/noise after curfew
    • Excessive garbage in campsite
    • Sales of any unauthorized or illegal materials
    • Possession of fireworks, weapons or illegal drugs
    • Contributing to minor drinking
    • Speeding on roadways
    • Throwing cigarettes on the ground, or smoking in the forest

    Be respectful of yourself, other guests, staff, volunteers, vendors, security, RCMP, and the beautiful natural environment around you.

    Please read our sunfest rules for more information.

  • Is there an age requirement to camp?

    Each campsite must have at least one adult (18+) responsible for the site.
  • Are there refunds?

    Sorry to hear you can’t join us this year! As stated on our website and at the time of purchase, we do not offer refunds.

    Be sure to sign up for the Sunfest Newsletter to stay up-to-date on all our artist announcements, venue updates and ticket news!


Laketown Ranch and Wideglide Entertainment Ltd. assume no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or any other harm suffered by participants, spectators, site owners, lessees or others who may be adversely affected by any event held at Laketown Ranch.

All patrons entering Laketown Ranch may have their image or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or other purposes of Laketown Ranch or any event held on-site. By entering the grounds, patrons agree to allow such use of your image and/or likeness and accept the inherent risks in entering the outdoor property.

Any criminal activity, violence, public inebriation, destruction of property or any other violation of these rules will not be tolerated. Any person found to be in violation of these rules may be ejected from the grounds and subject to arrest.