Sunfest is from August 1-4, 2024


First Aid is available 24/7 during the festival, and is located behind the Flats Stage. Security is also available 24⁄7 during the festival at 778-676-4398

Lost & Found is located at Guest Services in Laketown Flats. After the event, please contact for lost items.


Concert Bowl Gates are open from 4 PM - 2 AM on Thursday, and 12 PM - 2 AM Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunfest retains the right to delay the opening of the gate for any cause.

Tickets must be redeemed during Box Office hours for wristbands. Box Office hours are 1 PM - 10 PM Wed-Sun.

Laketown Ranch is a private venue, a festival wristband is required anywhere on site, including all campgrounds and trails. Wristbands are non-transferable. They must be securely fastened and visible at all times. Tampering with wristbands will result in ejection from the site (civil and/or criminal charges will be sought). There is a wristband replacement fee of $25 and original wristbands must be presented in order to receive a new one.

Outside liquids are not permitted in the concert bowl - no exceptions!

Empty plastic drink containers are permitted and can be filled at water refill stations located within the festival area. NO GLASS OR METAL!

All patrons entering the concert bowl are subject to a security check. Patrons coming in with bags, purses and coolers will be directed to a separate check-in and should expect delays.


Reserved Seating ticket holders are permitted to place their chairs at 5pm Friday and leave them in place for the weekend. Chairs cannot have umbrellas, canopies or footrests. Please ask Reserved Section Host for assistance.

Please see Acceptable Chairs and Not Acceptable Chairs Reserved Seating ticket holders must have a Stage Pit wristband in order to access the Stage Pit. Please note that Stage Pit ticket holders are not permitted in Reserved Seating.

General Admission ticket holders can place chairs at 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They must be removed each night.

Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Please dispose of cigarette butts in the containers provided. Laketown Ranch is a pristine, natural environment that is home to a herd of elk, and many other animals and plants. DO NOT PUT CIGARETTES ON THE GROUND.


Beverage Gardens are now operating in an open license capacity. Beverages are permitted throughout the Concert Bowl. Beverages must be in a cup in the Stage Pit.

There will be zero tolerance for intoxication, violence or rowdy behaviour.

TWO pieces of ID are required for entry, and must be on you at all times, one being Government Issued Photo ID. Patrons are subject to full searches and ID checks at any time. 19+ wristbands are to be worn by all patrons purchasing or consuming alcoholic beverages who look under 30 years of age.

Minors caught with alcohol will be brought to the RCMP and evicted from site.


There are many flush toilets located throughout Laketown Ranch including Laketown Flats, VIP, reserved seating and camping. Portable washrooms are located throughout the festival grounds, in the concert bowl and in camping areas. All washrooms are cleaned twice daily.


ATM’s are located at the ticket gate and beverage gardens. Locations subject to change without notice. Service fees apply.


Due to artist contracts, professional recording equipment will not be permitted without press credentials. Video cameras and cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited inside the festival grounds and are subject to confiscation.


LEAVE NO TRACE! Laketown Ranch is a pristine, natural environment that is home to herds of elk and other wildlife. Please help us keep it clean by utilizing the proper waste and recycling bins throughout the festival site. Garbage drop-off locations are located throughout camping. There is no curbside pickup. Please be responsible and use the bins provided.

Clean campsites will be rewarded. Dirty ones will be ejected at any time. Please treat Laketown Ranch as your own home and respect it.


To have access to the campgrounds you must have the relevant single day or weekend festival wristband AND a camping wristband. Sunfest is a music festival that features camping, it is not a camping only event.

Each camp site comes with 2 wristbands. All extra campers/visitors must purchase a wristband to be on the site.

Cook stoves, propane fire pits and BBQ’s MUST be 12 in (30 cm) off the ground at all times. ABSOLUTELY NO WOOD FIRE PITS OR CHARCOAL COOKING DEVICES.

No dogs allowed on site, with the exception of registered service dogs. If you have a service dog you must provide to Guest Services the BC Guide & Service dog registration.

Failure to keep a clean campsite may result in eviction from grounds.

No household furniture permitted.

Climbing on any structures, trees, RV’s (with the exception of repairs), fences, etc., may lead to eviction from grounds.

Generators must be shut down from midnight to 8am. Obey campsite quiet times. Campsites must be left clean and vacated by 11am on Monday after the event.

Campers who do not demonstrate care for self, others or the environment WILL be told to leave the campground and will have their camping passes revoked without a refund. Camping at Sunfest is a privilege. Dangerous or obnoxious behaviour will NOT be tolerated.


Outside alcohol in cans and plastic containers are permitted in the campground only.

Open alcohol is not permitted on roadways and may be confiscated and disposed of.

Visibly intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter the concert bowl.

ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE DRINKING OR CONTRIBUTING TO MINOR DRINKING. Anyone found in violation of this will be reported to security and will face ejection from site.


The roadway speed limit is 10 km/hr. Excessive speed causes dust and is dangerous. Those who drive over the speed limit will be subject to ejection. No cruising or excessive trips throughout the site are permitted.

No personal ATV’s, dirt bikes, or golf carts are permitted on site.

Keep roadways clear at all times. Vehicles impeding roadways will be towed.

Always arrange a safe ride home. Taxis are available on site and we have a comprehensive shuttle service. Please visit our shuttle service page for details. Road checks will be done nightly by local law enforcement.


If you notice anything that puts you or others in danger, please notify security immediately. The security contact number is 778-676-4398.

Children must be supervised by parents/guardians at all times.

Weapons, firearms, pyrotechnics and any other dangerous items that could pose harm or hazard are strictly prohibited. Dangerous materials will be confiscated and the persons will be subject to site ejection and possible criminal charges.

Any violent or disruptive behaviour will result in immediate eviction from grounds and possible persecution.

Flying colours, patches, or any type of gang-related paraphernalia will not be tolerated.

Racist, sexist, discriminatory behaviour and excessively lewd paraphernalia will not be tolerated.

In the event of an emergency evacuation, proceed calmly to the nearest exit and follow event staff to a pre-determined muster station. Never attempt to go against the pedestrian flow. Sunfest staff will provide proper assistance for disabled patrons and children during an emergency evacuation.


  1. Take care of yourself and others. Wear a hat, sunscreen, sleep, do not over consume alcohol, wear proper footwear, stay hydrated and ask for help. We care about you.

  2. LEAVE NO TRACE! Laketown Ranch is a pristine, natural environment that is home to herds of elk and other wildlife. Please pick up after yourself, use proper waste, recycling and compost bins provided, and encourage others to do the same.

  3. Hydrate yourself! We have ample water stations throughout the site. Our water comes from a natural aquifer located directly under Laketown Ranch. We are adhering to current water restrictions, because environmental stewardship is key!

  4. NO FIRES! No wood fire pits, charcoal cooking devices or tiki torches are permitted on site. Please keep propane stoves and BBQ’s 12 in (30 cm) off the ground.

  5. Your safety is paramount. If you see anything suspicious, violent or illegal, call or text our Security Hotline anytime. The security contact number is 778-676-4398. Help us help you!

Stay informed. Download the Laketown Ranch app to receive helpful push notifications, and to use the festival schedule and site map to help guide you throughout the weekend.


Laketown Ranch and Wideglide Entertainment Ltd. assume no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or any other harm suffered by participants, spectators, site owners, lessees or others who may be adversely affected by any event held at Laketown Ranch.

All patrons entering Laketown Ranch may have their image or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or other purposes of Laketown Ranch or any event held on-site. By entering the grounds, patrons agree to allow such use of your image and/or likeness and accept the inherent risks in entering the outdoor property.

Any criminal activity, violence, public inebriation, destruction of property or any other violation of these rules will not be tolerated. Any person found to be in violation of these rules may be ejected from the grounds and subject to arrest.